Become a Blood Donor on Facebook Sigh Up infographic.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Every two seconds, someone in the US needs blood, and one donation can potentially save three lives. However, blood banks in the US are seeing a decline in blood donors.

To help raise awareness and make it easier for people to find opportunities to donate, we’re launching our Blood Donations feature in the US today. We’ll start in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Baltimore and Washington, DC, and will roll out nationwide over the coming months. To start, we’re working with partners including America’s Blood Centers, the American Red Cross, Inova, New York Blood Center, Rock River Valley Blood Center, Stanford Blood Center, Versiti, and Vitalant.

“Tens of thousands of blood donors are needed each day across the US to transform the lives of patients requiring blood transfusions,” said Mitzy Edgecomb, vice president of marketing and communications at Vitalant. “Summer and winter are notoriously difficult times for collecting enough blood donations, but the need does not stop and can even rise due to increased travel, activity, adverse weather events and cold and flu season among other factors.”

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