Research Administration

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)/Research Administration is responsible for all pre- and post-award administration of sponsored programs. OSP is required to adhere to all sponsored guidelines, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines, various federal circulars, as well as state and local government requirements for the management of sponsored programs.

Sponsors include federal, state and local governments, non-profit agencies, corporations, and foundations. OSP administers the Exchange Visitor Program (J1), a program of the United States Information Agency. Under this program, sponsored foreign research scholars and specialists visit to promote the general interests of international educational and cultural exchange.

Pre-award Services:

  • Prepare all documentation for various collaborative agreements as well as sub-recipient contracts.
  • Maintain and monitor all applicable sponsor required memberships.
  • Create a data base and filling system that tracks and maintains all submitted proposals.
  • Work with PIs to create a budget that reflects the true costs of the proposed project including indirect cost recovery.
  • Review and finalize submissions to ensure all proposals are compliant with the institution and sponsor requirements.
  • Ensure budget constraints are adhered to in negotiations with institutions that will be included in the proposal process.
  • Ensure that the institutions can meet all the requirements stipulated in the solicitation/Request for Proposal.

Post-award Services:

  • Review all expenditures to ensure that they comply with federal, state and local guidelines as well as the institution and sponsored regulations.
  • Work with all sub-recipients and sub-contractors to ensure that they are following all OMB sub-recipient monitoring guidelines.
  • Provide monthly reports to all Principal Investigators (PI) so that they have a full understanding of their fund availability.
  • Provide access to PIs so they can view their grants and contracts online.
  • Work with each PI so they can understand their funding stream as well as the regulations that apply to these funds.
  • Collaborate with various sub-recipients/sub-contractors in regards to the closing of various grants and contracts as well as the close-out process.
  • Ensure that all remaining funds within a grant or contract are fully utilized.
  • Monitor and maintain all effort reporting on sponsored programs as per OMB requirements. Make all adjustments within the required time frame.
  • Work with various departments within the institution so that the needs of the sponsor are met.
  • Invoice all sponsors in the allowable time frame that is stated by the sponsor and ensure that funds are received.

Contact: Jeffrey Han, Director of Research Administration
Phone Number: 212.570.3034
Email Address: [email protected]