Future Leaders in Science 2024, held at New York Blood Center on June 7, gave high schoolers experience exploring advanced scientific research and hands-on training. The event began with attendees arriving at Center East’s first-floor auditorium, where Francesca Vinchi, PhD, opened the day with a warm welcome and introduced the students to our facility. The morning featured a series of presentations starting with Sarah Lustigman, PhD, who discussed the “Research Program on Molecular Parasitology.” After Dr. Lustigman, Divya Beri, PhD, presented on the “Research Program on Blood-borne Parasites.” After a brief break, Francesca Vinchi, PhD, returned to discuss her work on sickle cell disease and iron biology, followed by Daniel McLaughlin, PhD, who presented on hematopoietic stem cell research.
The afternoon session offered practical lab and core training sessions. Participants visited the Iron Laboratory to understand research bench work, explored the core facilities to learn about essential research technologies, and received training in microscopy in the seminar room. The day concluded with Paul Edwards, Team Leader of the Collection Department, giving a presentation titled “Introduction to the Blood Donor Center.” The event wrapped up at 3:00 pm with a farewell in the auditorium, marking the end of a successful event.

The “Future Leaders in Science” (FLIS) symposium is a value-added program provided by New York Blood Center Enterprises which allows students real access to working laboratories and direct interaction with our world-class researchers to include presentations, tours, and a workshop.