Serology Training for the Non-IRL Technologist

Basic Immunology Concepts
Introduction to Immunohematology

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Download PDF: Blood Bank Methodologies

Agglutination & Methods
Antibody Detection & Identification

Watch Video: Pretransfusion Testing (ETMWS 2022)

Watch Video: Case Studies (EBB 2022)

Common Blood Groups

Watch Video: Common Blood Groups (ETMWS 2022)

Complex Antibody Identification
Antibody ID Case Studies

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Watch Video: Immunohematology Cases (ETMWS 2022)

Antibody to a High Prevalence Antigen

Download PDF: Antibody to a High Prevalence Antigen

"High Titer Low Avidity" Reactivity

Watch Video: Tackling Those Nebulous, Troublesome, Nuisance, Interfering Antibodies Referred to as “High Titer Low Avidity” (Lab Week with NYBCe 2022)

RH Blood Group System: Basic Things You Need to Know
Titration of Antibodies
ABO System and Discrepancies
Positive DATs and Elution

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Watch Video: Serologic Workups of Samples Containing Autoantibodies (EBB 2022)

Watch Video: Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus/Newborn (EBB 2022)

Download PDF: Elution & Eluates

Cold Antibodies
Inhibition/Neutralization of Antibodies
Anti-G Studies
Platelet Antibodies

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Download PDF: Platelet Antibodies

Drug Antibodies and Polyagglutination
Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

Watch Video: Update on Monoclonal Antibody Interference in the Blood Bank (ETMWS 2023)

Download PDF: Anti-CD38