At AABB 2019, 26 NYBCe members authored 60 AABB posters which were available at the conference in San Antonio, TX.
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In 2019, several of New York Blood Center Enterprise's subject matter experts gave the following presentations at the AABB Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.
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NYBC's world-renowned laboratories help medical professionals around the world solve problems related to patient antibodies, blood typing, antigens, and much more.
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The AABB Annual Meeting allowed subject matter experts from various organizations to share their latest work and practice-changing resources for the fields of blood and biotherapies. Representatives from several of New York Blood Center Enterprises’ (NYBCe) divisions submitted their late-breaking abstracts to the conference. Others participated in continuing education sessions. You can download the 2020 schedule for Oral Abstract Presentations and Continuing Education Sessions here

NYBCe’s research is not limited to what is presented at AABB, however. Our divisions continue to pave the way for new blood-related products, techniques and therapies year-round. 

In 2019, our team focused on advancing our understanding of COVID-19 through the COVID-19 Research Repository. Through this initiative, NYBCe initiated pre-clinical phase trials for multiple SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and adjuvant candidates as well as screened plasma for novel biomarkers to predict COVID-19 responses in patients and help accelerate the recovery of the nation.

Over the years, our subject matter experts have also published helpful resources on cellular therapies, genomics, and more. 

Click on the links below to download additional work from NYBCe representatives and learn more about the ground-breaking research conducted by our organization.