New York Blood Center Enterprises is a Leader in Sickle Cell Disease Research

Our pioneering investigators are developing new molecular approaches and tools to advance safer transfusions.

NYBCe Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Partners

We at NYBCe are proud to partner with several sickle cell disease (SCD) awareness organizations. Each organization works to provide education, advocacy, referral services, and support for individuals and families living with SCD and other inherited blood disorders. These partners rely on volunteers who are committed to helping combat the negative social, psychological, and economic impact of these health disorders on patients and their surrounding communities. 

How Our Efforts Help

Our collaborative efforts have included press conferences, co-branded blood drives, donor/recipient introductions, co-branded marketing materials, and educational seminars. SCD testing has also been increased to provide valuable health information to our blood donors who test positive for the trait, including a referral to these partner organizations.

Our Commitment

NYBCe is committed to continuing its support towards the management, and eventual eradication, of SCD. Below is more information on our partner organizations.

NYBCe Sickle Cell Resources