Jed Gorlin, MD, MBA, Vice President, Medical and Quality Affairs, NYBCe, and Medical Director for Memorial Blood Centers, Nebraska Community Blood Bank, and Community Blood Center, was recognized as the 2024 Elmer L. DeGowin Lecturer in Iowa for his advancements in blood transfusion medicine. The DeGowin lectureship is an annual presentation for the Department of Transfusion Medicine at the University of Iowa. Dr. Gorlin presented Wednesday to the transfusion service on “Individualized donor assessment and donor gender options” and on Thursday, the DeGowin lecture on “Obstetric hemorrhages.” The prestigious award, named after Dr. Elmer L. DeGowin, recognizes individuals who have significantly improved the safety and efficacy of blood transfusions.

Dr. Gorlin completed his pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital in Boston and pursued several fellowships, including research in hematology and oncology at renowned institutions such as Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Mass General. His title is Vice President of Medical and Regulatory Affairs at Innovative Blood Resources (IBR), and he also covers blood centers in Nebraska and Kansas City. He is the medical director of the transfusion medicine fellowship at New York Blood Center (NYBC). He is currently chair of the AABB TTD committee.

Dr. Gorlin has authored over 70 manuscripts, contributed to numerous reviews and books, and delivered over 200 invited presentations. His expertise in transfusion medicine has been recognized internationally, as he co-leads the weekly Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (AABB). He is also the chief medical officer of America’s Blood Centers. 

Dr. Gorlin’s dedication to advancing transfusion medicine aligns closely with the pioneering spirit of Dr. Elmer L. DeGowin, whose groundbreaking work laid the foundation for modern blood banking. “I was honored to join the likes of Harvey Klein (’86), Walter (Sunny) Dzik (95), Nancy Heddle (98), Harvey Alter (99), Joseph Schwartz (14), and Beth Shaz (17) as a DeGowin invited lecturer,” said Dr. Gorlin. As the 2024 Elmer L. DeGowin Lecturer, Dr. Gorlin continues to uphold the legacy of excellence in blood transfusion practices and inspire future generations of healthcare professionals.