Distinguished Scientist
Head, Laboratory of Red Cell Physiology
Vice President, American Society of Hematology

Research Area

Dr. Narla’s scientific interests have long focused on red cell physiology and pathology. In particular, his efforts have contributed to improved understanding of the molecular and structural basis for red cell membrane disorders, developing detailed mechanistic insights into pathophysiology of thalassemia’s and sickle cell anemia, characterizing structural and functional changes induced in red cells by the malarial parasite and plasmodium falciparum. More recently, he has developed molecular understanding of erythropoiesis with particular emphasis on disordered erythropoiesis in Diamond-Blackfan Anemia and Myelodysplasia. He has authored 540 peer-reviewed publications and 100 review articles and book chapters.


Funding Support

  • NIH P01DK032094  PI: Narla  1/1997 – 7/2023  “Red Cell Membrane Studies”


Education and Training

Postdoctoral Training
Institute of Cellular Pathology in Paris

Doctoral Training
Washington University in St. Louis


Full List of Publications