Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our workforce and donor base includes diverse individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientation.

We value diversity in our community, donors, and team members, and we work to treat all with fairness, equality and respect.

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LGBTQ+ Blood Donor Eligibility Guidelines

The current U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) eligibility guidelines were updated from an indefinite deferral to a deferral of three months for men who have had sex with men (MSM) in April 2020. This was a positive step to reduce deferral periods and welcome more donors to help save lives.

There is more work to be done. The FDA is currently conducting studies to determine if gender-neutral questions, and other measures of HIV risk, would be achievable by revising the donor questionnaire. New York Blood Center Enterprises believes in making blood donation more accessible to the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore, we stand in full support of updating the blood donor eligibility guidelines and encourage the FDA to act quickly.

How can I help if I can’t donate blood?

  • Mail this postcard, encouraging the FDA to act quickly to allow willing gay and bisexual men to save lives by giving blood.
  • Host a Blood Drive.
  • Ask a friend to donate on your behalf.
  • Can’t donate blood? You can still support NYBC’s mission by textingNYBC’ to ‘20222’ to give $25