Instrument Usage Rates

InstrumentUsage TypeLFKRI Internal RateExternal Rate
LSR Fortessa SORP AnalyzersUnassisted $30/hr$60/hr
LSR Fortessa SORP AnalyzersAssisted$60/hr$120/hr
Cellometer 2000UnassistedNo ChargeUpon Request
Data Analysis (with FlowJo)UnassistedNo ChargeNo Charge
Data Analysis FCS Express 7UnassistedUpon RequestUpon Request
Data Analysis (with FlowJo or FSC Express 7)Assisted$30/hr$60/hr
ImageStream MKIIUnassisted$50/hr$100/hr
Data Analysis (IDEAS software)UnassistedNo ChargeUpon Request
Advia 2120i Hematology AnalyzerUnassisted$500 annual membership fee, plus $5/sample$500 annual membership fee, plus $10/sample
BD FACSAria Fusion SORPAssisted$75/hr$150/hr
SONY MA900 Unassisted$50/hr$100/hr

*users should provide the counting chambers

Training and Consulting Rates

Instrument /Analysis softwareLFKRI Internal RateExternal Rate
LSR BD Fortessa training (2 sessions)No Charge$150/hr
FlowJo Data analysis training (1 session)No Charge$75/hr
FCS Express 7 data analysis training (2 sessions)No ChargeUpon Request
ImageStream Mark II training (2 sessions)No Charge$150/hr
IDEAS image analysis training (2 sessions)No Charge$150/hr
Additional training sessions$60/hr$120/hr
Advia120-one training sessionNo ChargeNo Charge
ConsultationNo ChargeUpon Request
SONY MA900 straining ( two sessions) No Charge$500