Do you have continuing education requirements that you need to meet?

At New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) we provide comprehensive educational resources related to blood banking and transfusion medicine. In addition to learning more about important topics in the field, you can earn P.A.C.E. certificates for completion of several educational programs.

Let’s take a look at some of the valuable educational opportunities available for P.A.C.E. credit.

The Essentials of Transfusion Medicine Webinar Series

The Essentials of Transfusion Medicine Webinar Series is a virtual program featuring a diverse list of lecturers who are experts in the fields of transfusion medicine and blood banking.  This series provides excellent information for students, laboratory technologists, residents, fellows, nurses, and anyone else who is looking for a comprehensive overview of some of the most important topics in blood banking and transfusion medicine.

Registration is open now, and while lectures have already begun, you may still register to attend this series that will continue through May 2022.

After each webinar, you will be given an opportunity to share your feedback through an evaluation. Once the evaluation has been submitted, you will receive your P.A.C.E. certificate via email.

If you’re unable to attend a webinar, we always make the recordings available on the NYBCe Education Resources webpage for up to one month after the live event!

eLearning in Transfusion Medicine

Another important opportunity we offer is a collection of eLearning modules. All of these modules are designed to be interactive, so you can stay engaged as you learn!

These modules cover several important areas in the field of transfusion medicine and blood banking. There are many topics from which to choose, and you can earn P.A.C.E. credit after passing a final exam.

Technical Advisory Meetings

NYBCe division Innovative Blood Resources regularly offers local technical advisory meetings (TAMs) that often include an educational component. Currently, educational presentations from a recent TAM are available to view for P.A.C.E. credit.

Experience in Blood Banking

Each year, the Immunohematology Reference Laboratory at the Community Blood Center provides Experience in Blood Banking, a course focused on immunohematology and blood banking.  These lectures are valuable to residents, fellows, blood banking technologists, and students in clinical laboratory science.

During the pandemic, Experience in Blood Banking has been offered virtually.  Following the live presentation, recordings of lectures are available for a limited time on the NYBCe Education Resources web page.  You can obtain P.A.C.E. credit for attending the live or on-demand lectures.

Other Educational Resources Available

Even though we provide numerous resources for P.A.C.E. credit, there are many other educational resources that are also available.

Some of the other resources you may want to explore include:

  • Immunohematology Method Videos: These videos demonstrate important laboratory methods, including antibody screens, blood typing, elution, and many others.
  • Quick Lessons in Immunohematology: This is a series of documents that covers numerous topics in the field of immunohematology. Quick Lessons present information in an easy-to-digest format, and can be downloaded and saved for your own use.

Many other educational presentations are available to view for a limited time.

Register Now for the 2022 Essentials of Transfusion Medicine Webinar Series

NYBCe is honored to provide a wide variety of educational resources, with many of them offering P.A.C.E. credit!

And remember: registration is open now for 2022 ETMWS, so sign up toda for ETMWS to reserve your spot. If you’d like to browse our other educational opportunities, visit NYBCe Education Resources.