Our researchers are discovering new vaccines and prevention strategies against infectious diseases

NYBCe research scientist Asim Debnath

Asim K Debnath, PhD
Head, Laboratory of Molecular Modeling and Drug Design

• Research focuses on identifying new antiviral drugs by state-of-the art drug design methods
• Ongoing projects include identifying small molecule entry inhibitors for HIV and COVID-19 to prevent the viruses from entering cells

Cheryl Lobo, PhD
Head, Laboratory of Blood-Borne Parasites, NYBCe

Cheryl Lobo, PhD
Head, Laboratory of Blood-Borne Parasites

• Studies on mechanisms of cell entry by Malaria and Babesia, which can be transmitted by transfusion
• Research on developing viable interventions, including drugs, to halt transmission of these pathogens

Sara Lustigman
Head, Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology

• Research into river blindness and elephantiasis with goal of developing treatment or vaccines
• Developed adjuvant that enhances vaccine efficacy for a variety of infectious diseases